The Village of Hanna City

Community, Friends, and Farming…A great place to call home!


313 N. First St
P.O. Box 492
Hanna City, IL 61536

Office: 309-565-7411

Water: 309-565-4331

Hours: M-F 9am – 1pm

Utilities – Water/Sewer/Garbage

  • The Village of Hanna City offers three primary utilities; Water, Sewer and Garbage. See the Electric Aggregation Program tab for information regarding energy.
  • Water meters are normally read on the 3rd of the month unless it’s a weekend. Bills are mailed on the 6th of the month.  Payment is due upon receipt of the bill and no later than the close of business (1PM) on the 20th of the month.  Late payments are subject to penalties.
  • Garbage costs are included in the water bill unless you live in an apartment. Pick up in the GFL area is Monday for all residents.  Please have your garbage out by 6AM.
  • Garbage Holidays 2023
      • Memorial Day
      • Labor Day
      • Christmas Day
    • Recycling is curbside with a blue tote. Containers are picked up every other Monday.  See link for detailed schedule.
    • Rates
      • The minimum utility bill for residents inside the Village is $73.00/month. This includes up to 2000 gallons of water ($38.50), sewer services ($20) and garbage services ($14.50).
      • The minimum utility bill for residents outside the Village limits is $101.50/month. This includes up to 2400 gallons of water ($67.50) and sewer services ($34).
      • Garbage fees are included in the water bill unless you live in an apartment.
  • Setting up Utility Services
    • Step 1: Complete New Utility Customer Deposit Form
    • Pay Deposit. Cash, Check, Money Order only
      • Turn in form and deposit at Village Hall c/o Adminstrative Clerk
    • Please allow 48 hours for service to be connected
  • Monthly Payment Options
    • There are several options for paying your monthly utility bill.
      • The amount can be automatically deducted by completing the attached form and turning it in at Village Hall c/o the Administrative Clerk.
      • You can pay online.
        • Epay
          • Reoccurring
          • One-Time
          • There is a convenience fee charged
        • You can pay at Village Hall (Cash, Check, Money Order)
          • Monday through Friday
          • 9AM – 1PM
          • Or drop in the mail slot
  • Disconnecting/Connecting Utility Services
    • Call a minimum 48 hours prior to connect/disconnect

Paperless billing is now available!

Tired of not receiving your bill on time or forced to pay late because you haven’t received your bill?  Fill out the form below to get your bill sent to your email INSTANTLY the day billing is done.  (You will no longer receive a paper postcard in the regular mail)