Water Payments

If paying by check, PLEASE ensure the written out portion of your check is legible and in black or blue ink ONLY.  If the Bank scanner can’t read it, we […]

Noize Customers – Service Issue Update

 Hanna City Area Noize Customers, We apologize for the service issues which began yesterday late afternoon.  The issues seem to be unrelated to each other.  This morning we made an emergency […]

IL American Water Update

As of this morning per IL American Water, the temporary changes in the water treatment has been completed and all water treatments have been switched back to normal.


Consistent with ordinance 151.41 and to help keep public streets safe,  please refrain from depositing snow from any public or private property onto any public sidewalk, street or alley within the […]


Consistent with ordinance § 70.15 and to help ensure our ability to keep the roads safe we are requesting no vehicles park on public streets within the Village of Hanna […]