The Village of Hanna City

Community, Friends, and Farming…A great place to call home!


313 N. First St
P.O. Box 492
Hanna City, IL 61536

Office: 309-565-7411

Water: 309-565-4331

Hours: M-F 9am – 1pm


Hanna City was founded in 1882 and was named after William Hanna [b. 1827] who was President of the Peoria-Farmington Railroad, which ran through Hanna City. While originally a farming community, coal was soon discovered under the town. The coal mine was a major factor in the early years of the town and kept it thriving for more than half a century.

Rails to Trails

Some of you might have heard of the Hanna City Rails-to-Trails project.  This is a great quality-of-life project that will convert an abandoned rail line that runs from Bellevue to Middlegrove into a multi-use trail.  The project is gaining steam (bad railroad pun), but they need help.  Would you consider signing a petition showing your support for the project. You can find it here:

Veterans Memorial

Veteran’s Memorial Committee
Judd Isbell, Co-Chairman
Phil McAlearney, Co-Chairman
Bev Stear
Rosemary Elam
Anthony Fryxell


Rod Weaver, Site Construction
Andrew Myers, Site Construction

Thank you to all of the local businesses for their support of the memorial.
Also, thanks for all the donations received from families and individuals.